The Microbusiness Collective

For a number of reasons, we've decided to close The Microbusiness Collective.

These are difficult times for everyone and we're no different.

Despite the great feedback we've received from our members and from others in the micro business community, we can't keep going. In this day and age it's extremely difficult to be found and heard online and being a microbusiness, we just don't have the resources to get to the top of the pile. Sadly, we'll need to leave the micro business support to the existing bigger organisations that have access to wider funding, yet still fail to deliver, and hope that they can raise their game to help the micro business sector in the coming years.

Micro business owners will never get better support unless they're willing to participate in providing that support themselves. That much is clear. Despite encouragement from many, many micro business owners, encouragement just didn't translate into action or participation from the community.
We weren't able to attract sufficient interest and participation in the time that we were able to operate - that's on us - and so we must turn the responsibility over to others in the hope that they can generate sufficient participation in helping micro businesses move forward.