The Microbusiness Collective MicroSurvey

The Microbusiness Collective 2021 MicroSurvey

Help us find out about what’s going on in 2021 for micro business owners across the United Kingdom.

This short survey should take no more than 3 minutes. Your individual responses will never be identified or shared with any other organisation.

The Microbusiness Collective 2021 Survey
1. How many staff does your business employ? *
3. In which UK nation(s) are you based?
4. Where are you based?
5. How long has your microbusiness been operating?
8. Thinking about business disruption during the coronavirus pandemic, how would you describe the impact of public health restrictions and the pandemic in general on your business?
9. Which of the following types of coronavirus-related financial support has your business used during the pandemic period?
How long do you feel these loans or deferred payments may take to repay or catch up?
What was your reason for not accessing financial support?
10. Have you borrowed money personally or used personal savings to maintain your personal finances during the pandemic period?
How long do you feel these personal loans may take to repay?
11. Thinking about survival to 2022, which statement most closely reflects your opinion about your business?
12. Thinking about business growth in the near future, which statement most closely reflects your opinion?
13. Do you believe government has a role to play in supporting and encouraging micro businesses in the UK?
15. Do you feel that you have someone or somewhere to go to when you need advice about running your microbusiness?
16. Would you like to be informed about the results of this survey when they are published?
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