Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked along the way to let you know a bit more about us and what we’re doing for you.


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What kind of support can I expect?

We firmly believe the best people to support you in running your microbusiness are people who are also running their own microbusiness. If you have a question or a problem, why would you re-invent the wheel trying to find the answer you need? Someone just like you has probably already been through the same process. That’s why we know that communication and collaboration is the key to successful business support for microbusinesses. Our MicroCommunity lets you talk directly to other microbusiness owners. We’re a microbusiness too. You’re not alone.

What do I get for my membership?

Members of The Microbusiness Collective gain access to member-only features including a platform for discussing general issues with other members, a knowledgebase of questions and answers for the issues you face every day, access to our specially selected panel of experts to help you find specialised answers to your questions.
Remember, these are just the services that you can get on our website. The wider advantage of being a member of the Collective is that you’re joining a community, you’re part of a movement that will stand up for the interests of microbusinesses just like yours and give you a voice to be heard.
You’ll be polled on the big issues we face and be invited to all our offline member-only events where you’ll get the chance to meet other microbusiness owners just like you, as well meet some of our experts and selected guests.

How much does it cost?

Membership of The Microbusiness Collective costs £75 per year. We think this represents great value for the features and benefits members have access to. We can provide this low cost due to the way we deliver information, provide communication and facilitate collaboration using our specially designed online interface.
This cost is significantly less than the cost of joining other business support agencies and we’re sure you’ll find that membership of the Collective is cost-effective and complements any other professional memberships you may already have.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes - absolutely. If you feel you no longer want or need to be a subscription member of the Collective, you can cancel your subscription. Take a look at the Help page for information on how to do this.

Are you trying to replace existing business organisations?

In short: no. There are a number of business organisations in the UK like your local Chamber of Commerce, the FSB and the enterprise organisations run by local authorities and devolved and national governments across the UK. We’re offering a service that none of these organisations are sufficiently addressing and we’re fulfilling a definite need that microbusinesses have told us about, in the most directly effective way possible.

Where can I find answers to my problems?

There are two main places where you can find answers and information and in two main ways:
- the MicroCommunity where you talk to other business owners directly
- the Knowledgbase where you can find specific information or ask an expert
Each of these is used and curated differently.
In the MicroCommunity, you can talk directly to other microbusiness owners. Start a discussion or get involved in an existing discussion. The MicroCommunity lets you share your knowledge, opinions and experience with other business owners just like you.
In the Knowledgebase you can search for existing questions and answers to issues that other people have asked of our experts.
As our members ask questions of experts we grow the knowledgebase to build a body of information for microbusiness owners which is second-to-none. If you ask a question, it's between you and the expert you have chosen. Your answer is never published automatically to the knowledgebase but our site admins do have access to the information since they have to curate the database. If your question and answer could be relevant and useful for others, we'll add it to the knowledgebase for everyone to see after we've made sure that any identifying information is removed.

How does it work when I ask an expert?

We’ve taken a really simple approach to getting you support when you need it. If you have a question, you can consult our knowledgebase and see questions and answers we’ve already collected. If the question you’re asking isn’t there, you can choose to ask an expert. You’ll pick the subject you need to find out more about and we’ll show you a list of experts that can answer your question. You pick an expert and send off your question. The expert will get back to you as soon as they can. Questions that you've asked appear under the knowledgebase, but only you can see them.

What happens to questions I submit to experts?

When you ask an expert a question, that question stays between you and the expert. You can see the questions you have asked on your dashboard.
It exists in our background database but is not made public to the membership. Periodically, we will manage our database to ensure we're not holding data that doesn't need to be there and if some of the answered questions might be useful to other members, then we'll edit the question and answer to remove any identifying information and then add it our knowledgebase. No one will know that it was your question and no identifiable information is retained.
For this reason, we encourage members to ensure they never put names and specific identifiable information in questions in the first place.

Do the knowledgebase and expert answers constitute formal advice?

In short: no. Nothing you read on The Microbusiness Collective website should be regarded as formal advice. If you decide to strike up a relationship with an expert and get further information from them outside of The Collective, then you should check with the expert about whether they are offering formal advice.
All information on The Microbusiness Collective website is for information and consideration only and should never be regarded as formal advice. It is your responsibility to check anything you read with an appropriate specialist. The Microbusiness Collective cannot be held liable for any incidents or losses incurred as a result of acting upon something you read on the website.
We're all here to help each other, but none of us are infallible.

Can I do business with other members or experts?

Yes. We don't believe in withholding your ability to communicate and do business with other members or even with experts. We charge a modest annual membership fee and so there's no reason for us to get in between you and another member or expert.
For a future phase, we're already planning a member-only marketplace where you can ask other members for proposals and prices to do the work you need done. We'll let you know about that when we've got it ready.