It’s a challenging time to be a small business owner and it’s likely to remain so

Being a small business owner has always been difficult, but 2020 and 2021 have taken the challenge to a whole new level of difficulty. The covid pandemic has left small business owners all over the UK, and indeed the world, wondering how to continue and in some cases, considering if it’s worth the effort.

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UK government message to startups is putting economic recovery at risk

Economic recovery: it’s a phrase we’re going to hear a lot in 2021 and 2022 as we look to come back from the damage the global pandemic is doing to our businesses. Any plans for recovery are likely to feature growth in startups as well as in established businesses that survive coronavirus. That’s why the current messaging from the UK government is so worrying.

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A global minimum corporation tax rate is great, but it still doesn’t level the field

In early June of 2021, a historic agreement on a global minimum corporation tax rate was reached between the member countries in the G7 group. This deal sought to address the ‘race to the bottom’ of ever-decreasing corporate tax rates in some countries as they seek to attract businesses and capital to their borders.

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Do you have an ‘execution gap’? The case for brand alignment

by Matt Davies

Be honest. Do you sometimes find that: Internally, people are not engaged and are pulling in different directions? It...

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Is a bad workplace affecting your talent retention?

by Paul Docherty

A few years ago - before my freelance microbusiness life started - I was looking for work and talking to a few companies abou...

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Culture, culture, culture

by Benedetto Bordone

‘Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.’ Whether it is your values,

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Time management for freelancers

Time management for freelancers: it's a prickly subject. As anyone who operates as a freelancer will tell you, it requires a

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Things I have learned by being an entrepreneur and running a business

by Cass McNamara

Starting and running your own business can be difficult, so Cass McNamara looks at some of the things she learned along the w...

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What is a business continuity plan?

As a micro business owner or a freelancer, you've probably wondered what a business continuity plan is and whether it's relev...

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by Yvonne Webb

What would we do if we weren't afraid? How much does fear hold us back? Think of FEAR as False Expectations Appearing Rea...

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Micro business company directors: myths and misconceptions

The situation in 2020 around the lack of pandemic support for limited company microbusiness directors, exposed some myths and...

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The ‘hook’ is in the title!

by Chrissy Rooney

Gotcha! A number of my clients have admitted that they don’t know the difference between coaching and mentoring. Well, h...

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Are you operating an under-insured business?

By Chris Knight

"At a time of need, insurance can be the difference between make and break." - Harriet Conway, SME customer experience manage...

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